C3 Expert, Software editor for the calculation and conception of conveyors by Marc des Rieux, International Expert

While the regulations get more demanding and the delays shorter, software support is compulsory today. The C3 software addresses this need and provides a complete solution for the calculation of belt conveyors, integrating many standards.

C3 softwares cover the whole life of the conveyor: tools are provided for the new designs, renovation projects, upgrades, as well as the extension of conveyors. They can also be used in plant for the maintenance and overhaul of an installation."

As such, the C3 software is intended for operators, builders, design offices, the certification and verification organizations, belt manufacturers, and all stakeholders in the sector. 

Application domain :
Continuous handling
Bulk products and packaged products


Machinery types :
Conveyor and belt elevator
Overland conveyor
Special conveyors (pipe, ...)
Weight-feeder and weighing scal device
Horizontal curve, extractor...


Relevant industries :
Mines, quarries, cement plants
Energy production
Logistics, ports
Agribusiness, foodstuffs

Skills :
Judicial expertise
Technical and safety expertise
Certified calculation and engineering


Intervention area :
International coverage


See the interview with Marc des Rieux at the SIMC conference in Casablanca - Morocco


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